White Momma

White Mother

White Mother

Oh my silly, silly narcissist-
Look at you- all atwitter again

Flapping about, cawing madly
to all who would listen

How dare I superimpose my image
upon YOUR reflection- you SCREAM

While I stand silently as witness
knowing the source of my accused imposition-

I am real
you my silly, silly narcissist

are nothing but your
own sick creation.

I did this piece to honor what it is for a child to have a narcissistic mother. Normally, we think of the color of white as “good”- the white Knight and so on.

I wanted to take this color though and show its other side. Here, white is shown in the face of this “mother” as a representation a child fields with a narcissistic mother.

When a child gazes into a narcissistic mother’s face looking for recognition and identity, the child is simply met with the white noise of narcissism. There is no patterning for recognition.

The narcissism of a mother is a “whiteness” that consumes by being nothing.

The words I wrote are in reference to when a narcissist thinks you “steal their thunder”.

You steal nothing from them, despite their fraught perception.

You are real and they are nothing but a sick creation.

If all the world is a stage, it is is also a reflection.

When your favorite narcissist gets all atwitter about you stealing their glory. What are you supposed to do-

You can’t help it that even a reflecting pool prefers that which is real.


One thought on “White Momma

  1. Yes! this is powerful. I think in a way the narcissist fears black and they would go ape shit trying to stay white and getting into a frenzy if even the teensiest weeniest spot of black goes anywhere near their white image. And there is a real emptiness to that whiteness.

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