How can I miss you
when you show your Self

Exposure is your choice
Not a concern of mine

What I dislike and am
required to stand against

is that with your exposure
you expect to control my Mind

This is a figure laying on one side with a leg raised, exposing him or her self. I was going to draw in genitalia, but I didn’t like what it added to the picture, so I took it out.

It is playing with the idea of exposure of one’s self during this age where we have the potential to reveal so much more of ourselves to so many more people.

I see this as a sword that cuts both ways.

We, collectively, have learned so much from those who were once hidden (forced into hiding) having a venue to expose themselves.

Revealing such matters is an act of sacred power in my mind- simply because what has been seen can not be unseen. You may not like what you see, but you can not now un-see it. And someone by exposing themselves is staking a claim to this power (and risk) and claiming- “You will see me now”.

On the other hand, this exposure, of course, can be used by some to manipulate and control our perceptions. Some confuse exposing one’s self with controlling how one will be perceived by another. As in, “You will see ME this way NOW.”

I may not have the choice to “un-see” something once seen. BUt, I will always have the choice in how I think of such exposure.

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