Silos and Webs

God views Creation

God views Creation

I remember while I was doing my PhD the song “One of Us” came out. There was a line in the song “What if God was one of us?” I remember this because at the time a man from Japan was doing post-doctural work in our lab. His entire family, including his two young, beautiful children, had come to the U.S. for him to contribute professionally. He was an impressive individual.

This man’s wife was so taken by the song and what it represented. I remember him buying her a copy of the CD so they could learn the words.

And this song ran through my mind as I created this image. It came to me as God overlooking His creation. I pictured him as a “farmer-type” for some reason, African-American actually, although that is not how the picture eventually went.

As He surveys the land, along the edge are silos near a river. I purposely drew the silos poorly- man’s awkward creations. Built with the best of intentions, but poorly constructed.

And I wondered if God was one of us, what would be thought of our creations?

Silos are vertical, but separate. They may go higher and higher, but their containment is their primary message. And, I wonder how much we create in the context of silos, personally and as groups?

Higher and higher we build and believe we are approaching the Heavens.

Our personal and creative lives can come to reflect this containment of energy in and up, rather than in and out.

Maybe Heaven isn’t found in a higher silos. Maybe Heaven is found in the breaking of containers, allowing for connection, formulating a web BETWEEN, rather than a silo protecting AGAINST.

Maybe when God surveys the land, as one of us, hat propped upon head, a perplexed gaze gracing His features, the thought appears- “I had always imagined a web and they continue to build Me silos.”

Perhaps it is time to see the “obtainment” of Heaven, not as a place above, but a place between.


3 thoughts on “Silos and Webs

    • Thanks, Kate. I was so thinking of you this morning and all that is likely going on with Mr. T. As you know, you are someone I admire for your willingness to always grow and change (and also your “make it look so easy” cooking and home improvement skills šŸ™‚ )

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