The Difference Between Loving and Objectifying



In the Spirit of Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit:


Find your Favorite
Full Moon.

Stand before IT.

and in Your

read Love Poems to IT.

When I did this image (By the way, sorry for the torn paper in the bottom right corner. I didn’t like how it looked when I cropped it out, so the tear remains.) I was thinking of the difference between love and objectification.

Many, many poems and art have been done about such things as the moon, and sun, and nature and so on. But there is the distance between the artist and the objected “captured” by the artist’s sentiment. The artists sees, witness, and creates in relation to his or her observations.

Profound love can be expressed through such works. It has been and will continue to be.

However, there is still a sense of objectification and distance.

Rather than writing or drawing one’s love for the object, why do we not simply show our love to it?

Reading love poems to the Moon is a way of loving the Moon, itself, without objectifying it.

I wonder some times how often we circulate between objectification and love, never noting the difference.

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