The Mountains in our Lives are but Stepping Stones to Heaven.

I was messing with my sketch book and created this little figure running up mountains. I didn’t think too much about it. I liked the idea of the challenges, or mountains, in our lives serving as stepping stones to “heaven”, which in my mind is our greatest selves.

And then, I remembered an old acquaintance of mine and the journey she has undertaken. I knew Jenny Labaw years and years ago when she worked at the same gym I was attending. I don’t really know her that well, personally, but there is something about working out around someone for literally years that you get the sense you know them.

Every once in a while, I will stumble across a posting about Jenny. She has since moved to CA and participates in Crossfit. She does very well.

Several years ago, Jenny announced that she suffers from epilepsy and has since she was a young child. It is surprising the number of individuals affected by this condition, yet is seldom discussed.

This past fall in order to raise awareness for epilepsy, Jenny undertook the task of running across the state of Colorado- 500 miles, border to border. (Over MOUNTAINS – in case you are not getting the connection with this posting 🙂 )

And suddenly, I saw my sketch in a different light. This is someone literally running over mountains.

She has since completed the journey, but if you would like to check out her story or support epilepsy research, please see the blog about her journey, entitled “Move Mountains”.

Whether you are a runner or not, suffer from epilepsy, or not, we ALL have mountains in our lives and they are sometimes just begging us to be brave enough to move them 🙂


10 thoughts on “Mountains

  1. Great post, Kim. Love the symbolism and colors of your sketch. Yes, we all have to cross our own mountains on our way to heaven, don’t we? 😉
    Your friend’s journey was no small feat. Running is hard, running up mountains at high elevation – admirable!

  2. good post, we never know what we are capable of until we get something a try and we never know what we will have to overcome

  3. Beautiful post Kimberly. There are many kind of mountains to pass in a lifetime. I had my first mountain walk to the top, a little more than 1 km up around the mountain, when I were 47 years here in Spain. There are no mountains in Denmark.

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