Tipping Point

Tipping Point

Tipping Point

And within each us –
the interlude of equilibrium-


When I first created this image, I saw it completely differently. I titled it “Tipping Point” as I imagined the sphere rolling to one side or the other and falling off the surface.

Yet, when I looked again, I saw the sphere at rest, having found its equilibrium.

When we are in a state of equilibrium, we are able to absorb the vacillations of life without gaining momentum towards are own personal tipping points.

The more we pray/meditate/exercise/eat right/find fulfilling work, the greater our base of equilibrium is (in my mind.)

Whenever I write such things as I just did, I question my own sincerity. What a luxury it must be to have such thoughts and the belief and means to follow through on them.

I realize not all have this luxury.

I wonder if we could perhaps be a little more patient with those individuals who are in the time/space of life without the opportunity for a wide base of equilibrium.

How frightening and exhausting must it be to live close to the tipping point each and every day.


10 thoughts on “Tipping Point

  1. I’ve been away a while … lovely to be able to respond again. Tipping point is where it’s at for me today. All your posts recent months have been amazing! I could view but not comment. Glad to be back !!

  2. Thank you, Kimberly. All we can do is be patient and compassionate…and those who are making efforts to reach equilibrium, that’s all they expect from those surrounding them. Our patience can help fuel them toward maintaining their momentum to continue pushing forward. 🙂

    • Paula, thank you so much for this response. I just checked out your site- I am not sure how I had been missing you- and it is, to say the least, incredible!!! I am truly amazed at how you have consciously undertaken your journey and message. So beautiful.

  3. “I wonder if we could perhaps be a little more patient with those individuals who are in the time/space of life without the opportunity for a wide base of equilibrium.”

    Consider patience v. tolerance. People often use the terms interchangeably, but I thought it may be helpful to gestures to some of how it’s not.

    I find myself to have long been a very patient person, someone who can work with another who exhibits understanding through making at least some minimally demonstrable progress in the project at hand. Tolerance is a four-letter word to me, representing not the pleasant notion of ‘live and let live’ but rather the practise of accepting and putting up with the dangerously stupid and hyper-subjective incoherence of radical social relativism. On the one hand patience is active while tolerance is passive, while on the other hand the notion of ‘tolerance’ has been raped and molested to the point of madness.

    My mother is a solid example of someone who patience cannot serve because there is no demonstration of understanding through minimally demonstrable progress. She abdicates responsibility for her various actions and inability to recognise how to be a better person because she steadfastly views any meaningful criticism as a personal attack, virtually always coming back with ‘well, I guess that I’m just a terrible person’ with even the slightest comment on how something could be done better.

    It is important to recognise that any number of people are actively turning from doing the work to create such a base of equilibrium and, as such, we could only be tolerant with them rather than patient. These people are, at best, less than decent people and participate in none of the bullshit ‘people are basically good’ nonsense that any number want to believe. People are not basically good but basically neutral, having the capacity to be more decent or less decent and only rarely good or bad. Most people are less than decent and cause others untold pain because they refuse to accept reality and do the work needed -they are the careless, driving wind that threatens to blow that ball off the base of equilibrium and no matter how wide it is.

    “How frightening and exhausting must it be to live close to the tipping point each and every day.”

    Hence my writing the collection My Coming Destruction. Those who don’t know…well, they really don’t.

  4. Love the art, and agree that some of us have a more stable base than others, but no, it’s not a luxury and it’s not a luxury that some can’t afford. I work hard for my balance. I make my health a priority. I make it a priority to spend time with my family and friends. I make finding my balance a priority. I don’t have a good base because I’m lucky enough to afford that luxury. I have that base because I made it a priority in my life! I am happy to help others on their journey, and hope that I do help others on their journey, but I gotta take issue with others believing it’s a luxury that isn’t obtainable 🙂

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