That Awkward Moment



That awkward moment when you catch yourself, all contorted, bending around staring at the back end of things rather than looking forward.

I liked this little bird.
How often do we get caught so caught up in the past, that we are not even seeing the present moment or the future.

I found myself in that situation today. I kept thinking about last night and this morning and what had gone on with my family (nothing major, just typical stuff), wondering how it could have been different.

While I was doing that, I was missing the joy and power of today.

You can’t see the future if you aren’t looking forward.


6 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment

  1. Ah! Kim! This is exactly what happened to me yesterday!!! I planned for a nice get together and so looked forward to it. The day turned out quite different than anticipated and I felt the loving, kind energy sucked right out of me! It made me look “back” and you are correct…if we are looking back we miss what is right in front of us!! I literally woke up ‘tired!’

  2. Must be something in the ether at present, as I’ve noticed this theme on a few blogs. There are so many pulls which bring our attention away from the present moment. I get very stuck in the past at times. A good reminder. 🙂

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