Trapped in the Mirror



This is an image of fear. The kidneys (in some traditions) handle fear. When I drew this, i noted a kidney-shaped figure (in blue, the color of the kidneys) being attacked.

Being attacked never helps one sense of fear, but if you live with a narcissist, you will experience this attack on your most fearful places- constantly.

We all live with a certain amount of fear- it’s part of being human.

Most of us work to lessens each other’s sense of fear. We reassure, we provide hope, we help correct harmful, erroneous thinking and so on.

Not a narcissist, though.

Rather than reduce fear, narcissists ALWAYS escalate it.

A narcissist will take your weak point (the time you thought you were a “bad” person for being short-tempered once; the time you wore something new and bold for you and wondered if it was “too much”; the time you spent money and then wondered if you were “wasteful”, etc.) – all those little, niggling fears we all have – and the narcissist will see but one thing- a target with a bull’s -eye open for attack.

And they will attack that sense of your own fear until you swear it is all that defines you. This is what it is to be trapped in the narcissist’s mirror.

You stop seeing yourself and only see their distorted reflection of you.

If this happens, you have to step away and re-group. Find something or someone else to give you a true reflection-

step aware from the narcissist’s mirror and its distortions.

A cracked mirror will never reflect accurately and your narcissist’s mirror is a whole lot more than cracked.


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