Honoring the Artist- i.e. having to correct your own blog



Very seldom do I re-post pictures (or at least I seldom do it when the blog postings are fairly close together in timing.)

However, when I posted this picture, I really did not honor its message.

This is a picture of an artist- any artist- that includes you 🙂

The artist is somewhat blank, with the figure of a muse (note the heart-shaped face) sitting on the artist’s shoulder- whispering.

The artist’s body serves as conduit for the message from the ear to the hand of creation (enlarged hand- in case you are missing it 🙂 ).

The hand dominates and is out of proportion as it represents the creative principle. There is a weight and mass to creativity that is carried by this hand.

The lines in the artist’s head region are the “barcode” of the artist.

I was thinking when things are scanned in the store- the object is really “not seen”- it is recognized and determined by its bar code.

That is what I felt as an artist- my creative lines are my bar code. I may try to be something else, but those lines are read, processed, and identified as me.

An artist can create falsely, but an artist can not deny what is already apparent.


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