Music of Your Soul

Music of Your Soul


Play the Joyful Notes
that make the Music
of Your Soul!!


7 thoughts on “Music

  1. (1) Consider that some notes may not at all be joyful but so wholly necessary to sustaining the soul.

    In 1997 I discovered the band Sentenced through the Love and Death EP, the last recording (1995) with Taneli Jarva. That extended play really resonated with me. I purchased their best of record and new record, Down (1996). The band quickly became my favourite and it was through their music that I learned how to reconnect all the feelings I severed. I’m fortunate to be one of the few people that has been to their only two North American appearances, a one-off show and their only NA tour.

    There is very little in Sentenced’s music that can be seen as positive or joyful, but through the recognition of the starkness and absurdity of this life the few brief moments of light (e.g. ‘You Are the One’, The Cold White Light (2002)) are made all the more important.

    This ( is a video for the truncated version of one of their most poignant songs. Sometimes I am awake longer than Pretty, come downstairs for something and see her sleeping…the last two lines of the final verse often strike me and hard. I think, perhaps, more than anything we need to learn how to actually be appropriately sorrowful.

    (2) Your art resembles an early foetal image, with the half-note(?) firmly present inside of it and reaching into it (or out from it?) to the world. It’s a very interesting piece.

    • oh, I agree, not all of our notes are joyful. We need the juxtaposition and contrast of all of our notes in order to feel whole.
      I really smiled at your 2nd point. I saw the same thing! but decided to post only my “musical note” interpretation. I had not noted, though, the reaching in (or out) of the fetus- like that image!

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