To Deny the Deny-er

Prayer portal

Prayer portal

Truth, because it exists without aberration, can
hold no expectations of us.
Yet, we hold many expectations of the Truth-
it must fit our mold.
And if it fails to fit, it must conform.

Denial is a double-edged sword.

Its most significant purpose is to actively negate errors in perception of the Truth. If something is not Truth, it is rightly denied. To deny any thing that is not the Truth is a healthy, balanced response and the proper use of denial.

Such denial refuses to participate in the false validity of errors counter to the Truth.

Another use of denial, which is incorrect, is to try to deny the Truth. The Truth can not actually be denied, but this does not stop attempts from being made.

What happens too often is that the sword of denial is turned and used as a weapon by those denying incorrectly against those who are denying correctly.

A person who stands up for the Truth and in doing so, deniers any errors in perception against the Truth, is too often attacked by those who are in denial of the Truth.

To deny is a powerful act. It means you refuse to acknowledge. We have a choice- to deny errors in perception relative to Truth- the true use of denial or we can continue to attempt to deny the Truth and attack those who do not agree with our state of denial.


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