Through the Veil

Keep Trying

Keep Trying

The Peak of Union
is obscured only by the clouds of illusion.


8 thoughts on “Through the Veil

  1. This spoke to me today – actually all weekend long and continuing this morning, “decluttering” keeps appearing in my life. And I’m doing the Last 100 Days challenge which has helped me refocus on my goals for the end of the year, and, here is the big one (and I know this will be long, sorry) I’ve been running for months, I’ve lost 3 minutes off my mile time, which is awesome, but I run 2.1 miles, and I wasn’t going to increase my mileage until I could run that without stopping. Today I realized that was setting limitations on myself that I didn’t need, I was cluttering my mind with restrictions – The Peak was obscured by clouds of illusions – I couldn’t see it. And today, I clearly stated on Instagram “screw this” and added in the half a mile that I had been avoiding. And it was awesome. I did it. It felt good. I cleared out the illusions and discovered The Peak was already inside me! 🙂 So, yes, this really spoke to me Kim!!

    • I was so touched by this response, Kate. You took that picture and words that I posted, and have me looking at it in a whole new way.
      I am wondering how many limits I am putting on myself, similar to you and your running. So many of these occur without our conscious awareness.
      As a runner, myself, huge high 5 to you for adding the extra half mile. 🙂 The distance is always covered one step at a time and running accomplishments are one of the most fulfilling I have experienced in my life 🙂

      • It was super exciting to hear the voice tell me I hit 2 miles, and then to just keep running – and then not dying! I was all “bonus!”
        And that’s why I love your art, is that frequently we can take away a different message depending on where in our life path we are!

    • Thanks, Kimberly and Kate! I, too, need to think about the limits, especially as the decluttering issue is a constant in my life. Here I am in the midst of cobbling together jobs and places to live, and then I get antsy when one piece of the puzzle threatens to topple the whole thing. I need to keep focused on the reality instead of the illusions.

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