YOU are the WORD.

When “the word became flesh” tells the story of your creation into Being.

The Holiness which you proclaim to be found in the Words of the sacred texts can not be proclaimed apart from your your own Holiness.

If the Word is Holy, then by extension, so are You.

You are the Word in flesh.

You are the Word and within You is the sacred holiness of the most profound religious scripts. Recognize it.

By extension, this also means you can not use Holy Scripture as a means to justify harm and destruction of others.

To do so, speaks to your insanity.

To proclaim You injure another “in the name of God” and because of what is written in the sacred texts is to reveal your own blindness to understanding that each embodies the Word in their own Flesh.

The Word can not be used against its own Created Self.

When there is an attempt to use the Holy Word for such purposes, it indicates the presence of great lies and misunderstanding of the Holiness of the Word- and You.


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