Winds of Change

Winds of Change

The Truth can not be changed.
You can, however, change
your erroneous perceptions.

Your erroneous perceptions lead you
to believe the Truth can be denied, and
that you can exist apart from this Truth.

Change your perceptions and Truth
remains unchanged, only now you are part of
what you once denied.

This Union within the Truth is known as Grace.


Oh, I got this message loud and clear today. Something happened, and I took it SO PERSONALLY.
Why was I taking it so personally?
I preferred to create a different version that the truth before me.
I wanted to live in “Happily Ever After” land, and given the past history of this dynamic, that was wishful thinking, to put it kindly, on my part.

When we choose to not see the truth, we are left with errors in perception.

In some situations, we want to change the Truth before us- because it is painful and goes against the gentle, loving nature of our hearts.

With all sincerity (and the good of all involved, in our minds) we wish things could be different.

This wishful thinking is an error in perception- because we are not perceiving “what is” in the moment. We are caught in fantasy- and become vulnerable.

The Truth of the moment stands as it is- are you willing to perceive it?

You can not change the truth. You can, however, change an errors in your perceptions. This act is the grace of salvation.


10 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I try to keep in mind that what I see isn’t always what is really there. We all see the world through our perception but we (I) need to learn to see the Truth. (The whole letting go of the life I had planned – like your Happily Ever After land – and living the life I actually have now)

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