What Yoko Ono Taught me about Stepparenting

Seeing with Heart

Seeing with Heart

Maybe – it is ALL because of LOVE?

I was reading a book about Yoko Ono the other day. I had not known some of the details of her life, and had been limited in my understanding with how the media portrayed her.

While writing about Yoko’s relationship with John Lennon and how much was layered upon Yoko during this time- she wanted to ruin the Beatles, she was benefiting from his fame, and so on, the authors (Nell Beram and Carolyn Borris-Krimsky), write-

“It was odd, Yoko thought: The possibility that she could actually love John didn’t seem to cross many people’s minds. ”

I find this same sentiment sometimes as a stepparent, because there is so much projected on stepparents, stepmoms in particular.

We believe there must be some ulterior motives present, when in actuality many stepparents are simply motivated by love for the children that have entered their lives.

How often do we write off the motivations of others as something they are not, when in reality, they may be motivated by the most profound of acts and feelings- Love?

I wonder what it says about us as observers that we will think any and all motivations before thinking it could all be about Love?


9 thoughts on “What Yoko Ono Taught me about Stepparenting

  1. I experienced being a step parent for 6 years and the only thing that happened was this : Love. Those kids came to me with Love and I loved them in return and I am still amazed at how beautiful that bond was and how miraculously it was born. Thanks for bringing this up ! ❀ ❀ ❀

      • It says we suck as human beings! LOL.
        Actually, my guess is that it really does go back to the First Sin, and we lost the ability to see love first, and guilt and shame became what we saw, and if that’s what we tend to see in ourselves, then that is what we will project. Yeah, I could go on, but will stop! πŸ™‚

  2. Ah! Kim. When my marriage ended and my stepson only wanted to visit me, his dad’s new (maybe not so new) girlfriend made vicious allegations as to why that would be 😦
    Very sad…It hurts my heart to think about it again.
    I wish you a weekend filled with love!

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