Fear and Truth

Let Laughter

Let Laughter

A True heart is impervious to
the swirls of Fear.

I was reading a book last night and it mentioned that fear and truth can not co-exist. And, I was struck by that.
The truth exists as it is. It requires nothing from us and does not respond to whims and fantasies.

When we are in the truth, we are not in a state of fear. The truth may be ugly, it may not be what we desired, but there is an authenticity to the truth that asks us to engage from power and strength, not from fright.

It is one of the gifts of dealing with the Truth. The Truth will set you free, because there is no fear in the truth.

This has been with me all day. I have been a “teller of the truth” in my stepson’s situation. Sometimes, I become fearful when I think “Who am I to be telling these ‘secrets’ ?”
And then I think-
I am dealing with the Truth…what is there to fear?

12 thoughts on “Fear and Truth

      • I have a fellow blogger, that we actually found each other on a daily challenge site we both do, and then discovered we both had blogs, and then FB, Pinterest and Instagram sharing came next, but it’s so funny because we share the same name, we both love cheese, etc., even my mom has commented it’s like we’re the same person… but the point is… a few days ago I made an affirmation board. Special trip to Walmart for poster board and everything, and I plan to add to it… but today she posted a couple of great affirmations on IG, and I told her we were on the same path again! πŸ™‚ So, the point of the story is that you aren’t alone, right now there must be a cosmic calling and several of us strong and powerful women are grabbing up our empowering thoughts! πŸ™‚

      • This brought me to tears!!! This is so you- going to Walmart to get supplies for an affirmation board. Bless you, Kate. Truly, bless you!!!

        ( I am noting that your Mom has not mentioned how similar you and I are- it’s probably my responses to your cooking and home improvement blogs that has highlighted our differences!!! πŸ™‚ )

  1. Ahh, beautiful post and a lovely heart, too. What is truth? Perfect love! In the bible it says, “perfect love casts out fear.” I think that is really true. One cannot be in a state of fear and a state of faith at the same time. They are opposites.

  2. Fear of truth owes much to a lack of clarity in the expression. What is feared is not the truth but the consequences of having that knowledge, the what to do or what not to do. We can also substitute what will be done or what will not be done, instead, if instead of the actor we are the ones acted upon.

    By way of an anecdotal example, people like me are the existential version of a used condom. That we exist as such, to be used then carelessly (often haphazardly) discarded like so much trash is the reality we face. This does not scare us. What scares us is that there is virtually nothing we can do to prevent this and are told to only be glad that we were used in the first place. The criminal-as-condom metaphor breaks down in places but I’m sure you take my point.

    “When we are in the truth, we are not in a state of fear. The truth may be ugly, it may not be what we desired, but there is an authenticity to the truth that asks us to engage from power and strength, not from fright.”

    Fear can be productive; it can produce a fighting spirit and, through it, the formation of a plan of action to deal with the various consequences of reality. But then that wouldn’t truly be fear in the sense of the expression, would it? That fear is stultifying, grips us and holds us fast; the other fear is vivifying and hardly the fear of common conception. Perhaps people have loaded the common conception of fear. Perhaps this became the case because people lacked the strength (and integrity) to act.

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