On the Edge of Darkness

Soul Fighter

Soul Fighter

In Your innocent Light, you
touched the skirt of Darkness

and now you know
and now you understand

to a depth only Experience
can bear

and came away aware

Your Soul touched Darkness
And now You Light the Perimeter.

I wrote this because, as we all sometimes do with things in our lives, I was questioning how I became to be a stepmom to children whose own mother treats them (in my mind) with such cold indifference.

And, I realized, after helping my stepson so much as of late, and he would say “But no one would believe me.” I kept saying, “I do. I do believe you.” And he asked why.

Suddenly, internally, I realized why I could believe him- I had “touched the skirt” of his mother’s darkness. I KNEW because I had experienced her coldness, blatant disregard and belittling.

So, now I stand with my little ol’ innocent Light – on the border of darkness, marking the perimeter so my stepchildren may be able to see what is good, normal, and right.

I do not want to make less of anyone’s experience with “darkness” in life. BUt perhaps by having your own Light brush up against that Darkness, you will safely mark the border for others.

11 thoughts on “On the Edge of Darkness

  1. This is a beautiful piece that helps to understand some things that are difficult to understand in life. It is nice to think of our light marking the perimeter for others – a wonderful image!

  2. I have told you before and I will do it again, you are the best Bonus Mother those kids can ever have Kimberly. You are right, we need to touch the darkness ourselves, before we can see and become the light to others.

  3. The kids will remember the perimeter of Light! My heart aches for all the kids who have to live with a caregiver who does not lead and guide in love. Moving out of the darkness, and shining a light to reveal the other side, is a huge gift!πŸ’œ

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