On Raising Children- The Gaps

Finding You

Finding You

A Mother’s Connection

In your growth
I touch the gaps-

Who I was to
who you were –

A momentary lapse-

until blessed am I,
I find you again.

This is written in regards to what it is to parent.

My stepson is growing and changing a lot. He is not the same boy he was 4 months ago. And sometimes, I find a brief moment exists before I see him as he truly is now.

It is almost a conscious thought- of –

“oh, I see how you are behaving. This means something totally different now, doesn’t it?
Your needs, your thoughts, your being have all undergone a substantial change, and lucky me, I get to witness it.

Yet, sometimes I need to run to catch up to who you have become.”

This moment is not a failure on my part or that of any parent.

In that moment, we simply are in the space of who we once were with the child who once was. And now, we become who we will be with the child who is emerging.

And in that time, we will be blessed with finding the child (and ourselves) again.


9 thoughts on “On Raising Children- The Gaps

  1. And not just kids, other adults, too. We get so used to seeing kids (people) as they were, as they were when we met them, as they were last month, as they were last week, but we are always changing, and what a blessing it is to have someone in our lives who sees us for who we are Today. How wonderful for your stepson (and all those in your life) to have someone that realizes it’s times to see him for who he is Today.
    And, it’s not easy, and it’s not a failing on our part, unless we stay stuck in that moment and never see their growth, so it’s great that you are seeing it – AND sharing it for the rest of us!

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