Spirit Becoming

Spirit Becoming

Breathe in time differently

The other day, I was scanning through some pages and came across something about food being different in New Orleans. I am not sure how it lead me to come with the above statement, but it did.

And it has been my mantra over the past few days. “Breathe in time differently”. Whenever I say that to myself, I can feel myself relaxing.

“Breathe in time differently”- We don’t have to run around breathing as if it were our last gasp. The universe unfolds in its own time. Hyperventilating will not hurry it along, nor will holding our breath in fear keep it from moving along.

When we breathe in time differently, we find the natural rhythm of it all.

On a side note, I have been dreaming a lot about hamsters and gerbils. I looked up their symbolic meaning and found it to be “communing and healing”. I have always been a fairly quiet, independent type, but over the past month I have been blessed with people coming out of no where to “see” and support me. I am not sure how open I have always been to receiving such kindness, but I am learning to embrace support in all its beautiful forms.


5 thoughts on “Differently

  1. I will sometimes stop and state “there is enough time for everything I need to accomplish”. I stop, take a breath and repeat that as often as I need to! I don’t believe in feeling “overwhelmed” because everything in my life is what I have asked for and invited in, I just have to remind myself of that sometimes! And then I remember that it’s not a competition, and that I have to do what is right for me and my family, and all is good. I’ll be breathing in time differently. 🙂

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