To Bloom

Shattering Perception

Shattering Perception

The flower does not know its self as “flower”
until it Blooms.

Before this, the flower knew self as “Green Stem”.

Be careful of defining yourself before you have given yourself time to blossom.
Today I begin my sabbatical. Normally, I would be at the faculty in-service. Instead, I sit in a coffee shop working on some consulting. Then, will go home, workout and take my son out for miniature golf or swimming.

I have been surprised how much I have ignored the temptation to leap in and “define myself” during this gift of a sabbatical.

As so many things noted for their stability- work, home, family, and finances- are open-ended for me, I have found that sacred space to question- “Who am I without these items?”

I do not know- but I do know that time must be given to blossom. We can not take a moment of appearance and label it as our life-long definition.


10 thoughts on “To Bloom

  1. I experienced a phase of my life where I was stripped of all that I once knew as my life. Very frightening to realize how much you become attached to the labels of what “define you”. Today I am comfortable in being just who I am. I embrace my God given Gifts and in return use them to assist others. It’s not easy to be comfortable when we strip ourselves of our human 3D definitions of who we are. ❤

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