Origami with Your Favorite Narcissist

Find the Horizon

Find the Horizon

Narcissists exist for conflict, not for resolution.
You can gather all your logic, all your wisdom, all your evidence to present to them- and in a sense, you will be building a paper tiger.

To a narcissist, your logic, wisdom, and evidence mean nothing.


9 thoughts on “Origami with Your Favorite Narcissist

  1. Hi Kimberly,

    Today seems to have been all about my former husband, narcissist extraordinaire. It’s still amaxing to me just how many there are, and how this disorder seeks to have skyrocketed in the past several years. (for me anyway). And yet nobody seeks to “get it” still, no matter how much you can either prove they’ve made the most elaborate lies and absurd things are still being believed by their enablers vs facts of the situations so many of us have been through and are still going through. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be free from his vicious and cruel plots he keeps up just in hopes of keeping me down. I’m lucky we had no children together. That is by far one of the hardest areas to deal with for parents. And I feel for each of them that have to deal with such manipulators. Don’t give up. And don’t let the see you sweat. It’s what drives them furthe and further. But we all know that. And the hardest part for me has been the alienation of my family, (namely my daughter from my first marriage out of high school). She’s 35. I never imagined in my wildest dreams he would focus his attention on the one person I was closer than close to all her life. He turned her 360 degrees against me in ONE day. ONE! I haven’t spoke with her by her choice in over two years now. I’m respecting her wishes in hopes she’ll see him for the pathological liar he is. She gave me no chance to talk to her. No questions were asked if me. Nothing. I’m still in disbelief over it. And I have three gorgeous granddaughters that mean the world to me. I’ve not seen them for over two years as well. They’re 11, 9, & 7 now. It’s killing me more each day that goes by that i’m not in their lives. My ex couldn’t tell you each of their names if his life depended on it. He hates kids and will tell you so. I’m tired of the heartache but I cannot apologize for anything I know I wasn’t guilty of. I blamed myself for years thinking it was all my fault when our marriage started to take a nose dive. He made sure I thought it was my fault. That’s what they do. Nothing will ever be their fault and they’d never admit it if it was presented to them in black and white as I did with the cheating that finally ended it for me. I’m in recovery A long recovery but no less. It’s hard. I’m financially ruined thanks to him and the most unjust court proceedings ever. But I will survive and I hope to thrive one day. And my goal is to help anyone like myself or not, but if I can tell my story and it helps anyone in the slightest way, then I’ve done some good. That is my ultimate goal. So many of us go through this alone that it’s hard on our health and the mental illnesses it creates are very real. Depresion, anxirty, panic attacks, and yes, PTSD. Nightnares and all. And people think that’s crazy too. I wish it were. I struggle daily. Best of all to yoh and all of your followers, it’s a long hard road and we are strong. There’s no doubt in my mind of that. Thank you. ❤

    • Don’t give up. I had a brief marriage to a narcissist who also brought me close to financial ruin. Six years later, I’m doing much better (the money flow is still somewhat short but is an improving situation) and am feeling the best ever. You can get your life and sanity back and down the road will likely be able to look on your marriage as a very expensive lesson in personal growth.

      I feel for you about your daughter, but maybe she will eventually come around.

      Good luck and try to be kind to yourself.

  2. my narcissist is a birth sister placed into adoption, we ‘found’ her, worst mistake of our collective lives! myself and other sisters have written blogs about her because she wrote a book, proven libelous, pulled from publication, but just recently she re-wrote it as a e-book…so we go after it and her again. I’m in the beginning stages of a new blog dedicated to this ‘new’ book as well as a facebook page.

    bottom line…others that are not affected with the same disease do see what they have done to you and family. I have found that the exposing of my narcissistic, who is also a socio-path, has had a healing aspect to it, for me and another of my sisters, but we each have to do what is right for us.

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