How We Love

How We Love

How We Love

When I created this, I two figures bumping heads to form (in some ways) this heart shape. It reminded me of how we love one another.

At the bottom of the figure, they are connected. There is Union and One-ness from which we all arise. But, we have borders and boundaries, so when we come together- we can never quite merge.

And that is how it is supposed to be.

In love, there is always friction. There is a point in which we can not subsume, consume, or be consumed. We are who we are- intact within our wholeness and from this we learn our form.

Upside Down

Upside Down

For some reason this figure, kept getting flipped upside down when I tried to save it. And I liked that aspect as well. It looks like the backside of a person- male or female? I can’t tell which. With the red and black coloring of the picture, there is a rawness to it, that to me, says “passion” and “power” – the play of energy contained within the form- awaiting expression – or interpretation.

We present our form to the world all time – how is it interpreted?


8 thoughts on “How We Love

  1. the form of the heart and arrow…is based on the female anatomy (from behind) and the penis (as the arrow) there are many ‘secrets’ that are in ‘common’ depictions, we just have to learn how to ‘see’ them…

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