Art and the Ego



Art shows the story the ego refuses to tell.

As you know, I think art is the great “truth teller” of our lives. I don’t care if you paint, sing, dance, blog or whatever- when and if you create enough, your truth will be told.

Artistic creations show what we are unwilling to tell (others and ourselves).

Today, I went to my office. My level of work has been a bit crazy and I decide to create some art first.
It began as a simple green line on a page. My artist saw what my ego refused to say- I needed to rest and take a break.

The initial curving green line could have morphed into anything. My artistic side created a figure needing to rest. Story told. While my ego would continue to deny and justify the need to work some more.

Art can be a wonderful brake upon the head-long charges of the ego, because done with sincerity and awareness, art does not lie.

In case I did not get the message from my art- it was further driven home when I picked up a New York magazine I had been intending to read. I turned to this page:




5 thoughts on “Art and the Ego

  1. LOL! I love those messages to ourselves that we receive, sometimes quite unwillingly. You are right, art can reveal things to us and when those same things line up and start revealing themselves to us again in other ways, it is a lovely form of synchronicity that I rather enjoy. I call them signs.

  2. Art also seems to put us more in tune with the symbols of our inner desires all around us, like when you saw the article and realized it applied to your life. Thanks for sharing.

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