Get out of Your Fantasies and Into your Dreams

Fantasy Dream

Fantasy Dream

Again, continuing on with my left-handed art. The bottom image is a person turning inward in protection. The top image is of a bird (Spirit flight).

It got me thinking of something discussed in therapy the other week- the difference between fantasies and dreams.

In my vocabulary, fantasies are not real. They are false projections that we attempt to uphold with our words. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to support a fantasy because it has no real substance. We must provide any substance for it.

One of my favorite phrases, and I am so sure others love it πŸ™‚ , is “Get out of Your Fantasy”. I even say that to myself sometimes. I even said it recently to a student advisee who was insisting she was a science major but did was not going to take any chemistry or physics courses. I simply said, “If you are not going to take those courses, you need to get out of the fantasy you are a science major.” We actually had a good conversation after that.

Dreams, represented by the bird in the image, are different. Even in unrealized form, they are still based on truth. The energy when working with dreams then is not to provide them substance. Substance, or truth, is already present. The energy of dreams is simply to follow that kernel of truth.

The resources that dreams require, then, are different from the resources of fantasies. Fantasy require invest with no return. Dreams, with invest, begin to unfold naturally and in so doing, return on your investment.

Dreams are in truth and reality, fantasies are not.

Get our of your fantasies and in to your dreams πŸ™‚


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