Art and the Pattern of Life



I am reading a book: Marimekko: In Patterns about a Finnish design brand. Their textiles and patterns are AMAZING.

I purchased this book at an art museum recently. (I can’t remember which- currently when we travel I have us all go to an art museum- much to everyone’s delight 🙂 )

I am not a designer but I like to push my self in art and see what is present in different forms.

There is something about being a creative type that an internal voice travels with you always, saying, “Yes, you can do that, but how about this?”

There is novelty in art that the artistic self feeds on- it needs to be challenged.

Anyway, I cam across this quote in the book:
“If a pattern is well-structured, it works with any color combination. Yet color is the spirit of any fabric.”

Amen to that. I think that is a recipe for life. If our pattern is well-structured, we can make anything work. However, it is the colors in our lives – the different people and experiences- that give our life spirit.


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