The Forest For the Trees

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

the tree
you were meant to be

and to the rest of the
forest that surrounds
give God that sacred ground

I thought of forest and trees when I created this image.
I saw a figure off to the left contemplating whether or not to enter the forest.
It made me think of “forest for the trees” and what we see.

And, I thought, perhaps we are symbolically all trees- strong, unique, quiet, always growing, facing life with fortitude, all-seeing, bendable but not breakable, roots in the Earth and Spirit to the sky.

We may do well to follow the analogy and remember no matter how strong, beautiful, giving and forgiving a single tree may be- it is not responsible for the entire forest.

Be the tree you were meant to be and let God manage the surrounding forest.
I have so much going on in my life right now- I needed this image and words to remember I am the tree of my life, not the entire forest.


2 thoughts on “The Forest For the Trees

  1. I am an ash tree! years ago when I re-found my ancestral connection…roots. I took the name of AEscbeam. that is Old English, (Anglo-Saxson) AEsc is the Ash tree, beam is ‘a tree or branch of tree, also means true and truth. My heathen (ancestral religious) name is AEscbeam…truth/ straightness of the Ash tree

    we are all individual trees! we make the forest…be YOUR tree!

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