When you AMPLIFY, you can not RECTIFY

Flying Forward or Backward?

Flying Forward or Backward?

I was reading an interesting book the other day on feelings and it got me thinking about core feelings and how we can cover up and deny our core feelings.

What prompted this thought was a conversation with my husband. I was going on and on with quite a bit of intensity. I could feel myself trying to make the situation “BIGGER” to get his engagement.

Now, I understand this act differently.

I was taking an issue and ignoring my core feeling about it.

Basically, I was feeling lonely and “ignored” which I was using to cover up my feelings that I was not worth someone’s time and attention.

Rather than addressing what was really driving my behaviors and thoughts (“I am not worthy of attention”) and working with these thoughts lovingly. Instead, I spun a bigger and bigger story about being ignored.

I realize we tend to AMPLIFY because we are unwilling to RECTIFY what is really going on.

For myself, I will continue to enlarge situation in the vain attempt that if I just make it BIG enough my core issue will finally be addressed.

The core issue can not be addressed when I have made a smoke screen of “Go Big or Go Home” type of thinking of some side topic.

When you AMPLIFY, you can not RECTIFY.

The image is of a bird flying forward or backward – it can’t tell which. That is what happens when you AMPLIFY- you lose your direction.


5 thoughts on “When you AMPLIFY, you can not RECTIFY

  1. I can follow you Kimberly. It is easy to let the thoughts run fast and grow, when we don’t feel ourselves at the top or at the right place for us. Love your bird, so explaining 😉

  2. So true! But I also believe that we will make time for what we want in our lives, and it hurts when others in our lives don’t make time for us. It’s important know whether or not we are a priority to them, and it’s even more important to deal with the core feelings and not the smoke screen. Sadly, a lot of people out there don’t see the difference, the smoke screen is real to them, so kudos to you for seeing the difference and recognizing it… and now making steps to improve yourself! 🙂 ❤

  3. Hm…. Really strikes a chord with me in terms of amplifying. However, I think our ‘whys’ may different in different moments. I’m struck with the need for attention or to be noticed, as you said. Personally, I also wonder if I amplify to cloud my own recognition of those core thoughts or needs? So that I am the one who doesn’t notice them fully? Almost a self-distraction technique in order to stay in that dull, middle area of emotions, and to not have to explore the hidden feelings underneath? Hm… Definitely going to be thinking about this for awhile. Thank you!

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