Centipede-ing along



This little guy appeared to me in a dream. It’s supposed to be a centipede, or my artistic version of one.
I did not know that centipedes have a poisonous bite, are the totem of Chiefs, and in China are viewed as the archenemy of the snakes and have served to warn and protect others from snakes.
In this way, the centipede is viewed as a protector of psychic deception.

Centipedes also demonstrate a profound ability to survive stress.

Cinnamon Moon states of centipedes- “Theirs is the energy of quiet protection in psychic exploration.”

How beautiful is that? “Quiet protection in psychic exploration”.

We all need this.

For so many of you, I read your words and I see you as the centipede- multi-legged (multi-faceted) with antennae (psychic connections) crawling along daring to challenge the symbolic “snakes” in your lives.

Who would think that the lowly centipede could be the archenemy of a snake and who would think you, with your kind, innocent ways, would dare to challenge the demons in your life? šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Centipede-ing along

  1. thank you for your great posts…I read them and contemplate them. I haven’t said much recently, lots going on and I’ve been ‘centipede-ing along’!

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