The Training of the Fearless Artist



Transforming the Storm

All art at its core is about transformation-
the taking of very, very raw materials and creating
something tangible with construct and context.

And this, too, is the call of life- taking the raw into
new form. Art then becomes the training for this life, reducing
the fear into tangible creations.

I like this art piece and the power it displays (to me). Again, it was done left-handed (applause, please, my left- hand is not shy about seeking acknowledgment :)- it is fearless by the way 🙂 ).

Last evening my stepkids really broke down. Although I am not the parent, they seek me out in these times- totally. I ended up sitting between the two of them (they would have it no other way) while they shopped for items for our new home. When my stepson got up to get something, he was quickly replaced by our dog, who was also apparently needing attention 🙂

Anyway, the encounter earlier in the night was exhausting for me. It can be difficult to find that “higher energy”, the energy of awareness.

You have to have done A LOT of your own work in order to find that space. In such times, you are trying to balance and open up the space for very, very low energy to rise and transform. You can’t force it. You can witness it. But, you have to be there holding the higher space so the lower energy has somewhere to evolve.

My husband never understands what this takes out of me- the fine, gentle line I walk with these children and their issues. And in so many ways, the problems are not really theirs anyway. They are manipulated and used by their mother. Two steps forward by them results in her grasping at them to pull them back (unless their steps forward are used to help and support her, of course).

I was thinking last evening this is what it is to be an artist – in art and in life. Taking raw, chaotic materials and creating the space for these materials to transform.

There is something fearless in that act.


8 thoughts on “The Training of the Fearless Artist

  1. This is really beautiful Kimberly and I think that you need to be fearless to live your life, as it is now. In few years your bonus kids are grown up and they will never forget, where they always were welcome, when their world was burning ❤

  2. No your right, your husband does not have a clue what the emotional toll is on you. As you have to be mindful since you are the step-parent, yet the children are drawn to you because of your ‘light’, your ability to sooth, be compassionate etc. You already know all of this~ and yet, it is difficult for you. Love this painting as well, and by the way, I’m left handed!!! My right hand is useless to me…everything is backwards in the world. A can opener, I have to flip it upside down to use it {useless info}. Thank you Kim for sharing your art, your words of wisdom and also your insight on how to find that balance, that peace we all desire in our everyday lives! ❤

    • Thanks for this comment! You have helped me be a bit more aware with my husband. He truly does not understand the stress I feel at times with his children and the wounds that they carry.

      I was laughing at your left hand comment and the world being backward. love it!

  3. Love the art – tons of applause going out to your left hand! And, I’m also sending you some love, and peace, as it does take a toll on you to work on yourself, and create that higher zone, that safe place, for the kids to grow. It’s not easy, and your husband will never fully understand, as it’s not the same journey for him, and it’s okay that he never understands, I just hope he comes to respect that it does take a toll on you and honors that inside you.

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