Left, Right, Left, Right Your Way to Wholeness



Currently, I am creating art using my left hand only. Not sure why this is but I go with it- the artist within having a mind (heart, hand, etc. 🙂 ) of its own. Of course, this has resulted in several images that only a mother could love.

The internal artist, though, perhaps knows the story before it has been told.

On this day, I even turned to a “Creativity” meditation in my kundalini book.

I had been thinking of left-right brain while I was creating my art and then came across something in a book that helped me understand my work.

The book is “A Gift to Myself” by Charles Whitfield (HIGHLY recommend for inner healing). He discusses a process about feelings:

Recognize the feeling
Feel the feeling
Name the Feeling
Feel More
Express It
Use It

As I looked at the list, I thought “left- right, left-right, left-right”. It’s a total left- right brain sequence. The left brain recognizes the feeling, the right side feels, the left side names it, and the right side feels it more. The left side has the words to express it and the right side recognizes the context to use it.

Left, right, left right- walking your way into wholeness.

I guess this stuck with me because during times of intense feeling, we can short-circuit this back and forth in the brain.

We either get overwhelmed by the feeling to the point we can not name or express it. Or we distance ourselves from really feeling the feeling and instead use words and expressions to deny and distance ourselves from it.

Perhaps the drive to do art with my left hand is simply a way to form some new connections and stories.


9 thoughts on “Left, Right, Left, Right Your Way to Wholeness

      • Your art and words are always a ray of sunshine in my day! Fatiguing is exactly the right word….I am so grateful for the Army of Angels sharing the weight of it all-just when I don’t know if I can face it all, help arrives!

  1. I am tempted to try your left hand challenge. I know I tend to analyze everything (paralysis by analysis) and I can relate to what you are saying; I recognize myself. Thanks for this great post.

  2. This happens to me sometimes when I watercolor. At some point in the painting, I discover that I am using my left hand. It’s almost as if the creativity is circumventing the thinking brain and just letting itself go!

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