Heart Failure in Reverse

Heart Failure

Heart Failure

For my consulting work, I am currently creating the material for heart failure.
In heart failure, usually one side of the heart fails first. As time progresses, the compensations for the failing side of the heart end up stressing the other side of the heart resulting in total heart failure.

I was thinking about this when I created this image.

I liked to consider it as “heart failure in reverse”. In this situation, I see one side of the heart as very strong (red side), and it will work to pick up and increase the performance of the other side of the heart (blue). Eventually both sides of the heart will be strong, healthy and in balance.

It made me think of how we approach life sometimes. We have a strong, Divine part of our Heart that is infinite, powerful, and secure. Every once in a while, the other side of our heart may become wounded. We get caught off guard by the callousness of others or the random hurtful, painful actions of this world.

We need this “human” part of our heart, just was much as we need the Divine aspect. However, when wounded, this part of our heart wants to shrink and pull away.

In the image, I like to picture the enlarged part of the heart picking up and helping the wounded side of the heart become whole again.

Heart failure in reverse 🙂


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