Narcissists Never Lie



Narcissists NEVER lie.
They simply can’t be bothered
to exist in the same reality as you or I.

Narcissists never lie- ever.

They simply do not see reality as you or I do. Their statements can go counter to every shred and example of evidence that you may have, but still the narcissist will boldly proclaim “I am not telling a lie.”

You can even have video-tape evidence with subtitles, and even that will not crack the narcissist’s defense.

The narcissist is not telling lies when he or she defends him or her self in this way.

Any evidence you may have is part of YOUR reality. YOUR reality means nothing to the narcissist- literally nothing.

You may think you share the same space of reality as the narcissist. But you don’t.

The narcissist creates his or her OWN reality and YOU are supposed to understand HIS OR HER REALITY.

Within their self-created reality, narcissists are never telling lies.

It is your job, according to the narcissist, to understand this.


32 thoughts on “Narcissists Never Lie

  1. There is great truth in what you say there. Narcs really don’t lie, they simply orbit on a completely different planet, so your own perception of reality is simply “wrong.” That can be really crazy making when you are dealing with a narc, or it can set you free from trying to dispel their “lies,” once you realize they are incapable of seeing them.

  2. An eye-opener and quite a good one to start my day. It’s interesting dealing with such people, especially while engaged in an intimate relationship with them. Puts you in a dull position to make the chance of whether or not you should actually care about that person.

  3. This is so true. My x said she NEVER lied, all the while accusing me of being a liar, when she was a pathological liar. I don’t know if she believed this or not, but they are truly twisted.

  4. my ex who was a pathological liar through and through, told me when i broke up with him and spoke about his lies,..”i never lied to you”,.. no not at all,it’s just there are tons of evidences against you in real world

  5. excellent post! very very true. I’m going to reblog this on my blog for your words sum up, what they do or not do, so wonderfully and is ‘evidence’ that yes indeed some people are just plain narcissistic liars.

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  7. This is a really interesting aspect of narcissism. I never realized, until recently when a healer told me she was one, that my mother is a narcissist. She honestly believes her lies to be truth and it is a big mind-boggling to witness blatant lying like that with no admission.

  8. So true… got an example of that today as my boss ( another time as this is his new game ) told me once more I did not give him a document for work… in truth I gave him a paper version and a digital one that were recorded in the annual project that got delivered to more than 30 other people. But exactly as you said… he does not lie so… he looks at me and tells me I did not give him the document… freaking mental !

  9. This is very difficult to understand. So is something more I’ll share:

    Internally, we are made by a self that we maybe tend not to know much about. That self is generally not present enough even to notice it exists. It’s as though that self is dreaming being human. From that self, being a human, we seem to be quite separated from others, and we have a sense of being individuals. Some of us perceive that there is just the individual (me) while others sense that there is a me and an I and yet others sense a me, and I, and others.

    The infinite possibility of experiences of being includes all this. It’s too much for the conscious mind but not for the unconscious mind. So, there is forever an escape mechanism, hard wired into being conscious. We tend to want to escape into the safety of raw emotions that maintain separateness. For example, anger or sadness is raw enough. When an interaction occurs where there are two separate selves (be that two people or just I and me), various unexpected social exchanges that are vibrations of energy may actually be processed as triggers or upsets. These upsets will be experienced consciously more fully in a healthy mind and yet not hardly even at all in a dissociating mind. If highly conscious and healthy, I may tend to handle the unexpected situation intuitively and nicely. If I am unconscious to a degree as to react defensively, I will tend to use one the escape mechanisms of raw emotion.

    A nicely developed personality is integrating and is accepting of others and of what is happening. Developing long toward this greater health is, as you know, not much taught and encouraged. Our families and communities and cultures do not provide the support and nurturing that is necessary for healthy social living. So, what happens is that feelings associated with guilt escalate internally toward shame for some of us. The more fully conscious of us process this quickly and recover quickly to being caring and intuitive and this current upset may then become a healthy learning experience. Others re unconscious and the same experiences may become one of projecting blame or anger or even rage outwardly. The same circumstances will be handled differently depending upon how consciously healthy is presently.

    Being a loving person is a challenge. I just like to recall that being an angry person is painful. I prefer the challenge to the pain. It isn’t that simple though to educate someone about fear mechanisms and choices that promote mental and spiritual health. So, it’s good to be able to support each other in progress. Thanks Kimberly for being here where I need my friends.

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