Don’t Live the False Projection



If all the world is but a mirror,
what value do I place upon the reflection?

I am sure we have all heard the saying that our world mirrors us in some ways.

I think this is true, but we are each responsible for having the initiative and awareness for engaging with those reflections that are most aligned with the Higher Truth.

I write this, because recently I found myself (again) caught up with the distorted projections and perceptions of another.

Their projections and perceptions of me are not true, not in the least. YET, I will spend an INORDINATE amount of time trying to “correct” the perceptions.


The perceptions are false.
They say more about the other person than they do about me.
But, there I am, working merrily along, trying to “show” them they are wrong.

In engaging in this manner, I am giving validity to the projection.

None of us need to live out the false projections of others, who are simply demonstrating their own wounded-ness and sense of lack.

When we attempt to engage with these projections, it never goes well, because the projections are not real and thus have no substance.

In so many ways, others can only tell us about themselves – by the words they choose.

If the world is a mirror, choose wisely what part of that mirror you look into. May it be the shiny, pure portion in which you see your best self.

22 thoughts on “Don’t Live the False Projection

  1. You said it Kimberley… It’s up to us to choose what we want to sense and experience as everything is playing out in life simultaneously… I used to ponder this same thing and finally came up with the truth… It is all true and we just have to consciously choose… Love to you today, Barbara x

  2. I am right their with you. I feel like I just had a break through and have decided to choose peace instead of letting others push my buttons sending me fight or flight. I was told at a church to “help me out” I am unknowing sending the signal I want to have a sexual affair because I looked this man in the eyes when I talked to him. I said, that’s is not what I am thinking. He then proceeded to tell me His wife agreed that I looked like the kind of woman that would try and steal someone else’s husband. Just what you want to hear as a woman of God. It’s like you said, its not really about us. I am not at all that kind of woman, so I am not the one who had the problem. But it was incredibly hurtful at the time, but really how couldn’t it be. It was truly insulting. – I am just thinking out loud. Thanks for listening.

    • Great image-= the pushing of buttons sending us into fight or flight! That is exactly what happens. Your example is exactly what I was talking about. I am sure an affair was the FURTHEST thing from your mind, yet, when you defend yourself- it just becomes more of a mess.
      As you write though, it is insulting to be viewed in such a belittling way! I wish you well πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, Kim! I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten myself involved in this dance. The pain from feeling falsely identified used to really bother me. I think the key is to be really secure of who I am…I really do know me. If someone gets that wrong, I think you are correct…it is more about them than it is about me. Stand strong in your beautiful self!! ❀

  4. I really appreciate the work it takes to separate myself from another’s perception, as it is very hard to do when I am so frequently concerned about how they’re feeling and if they’re happy (with me) or not. Stepping back and letting them think what they will is so freeing for me and for the relationship, as it lets everyone breathe.

  5. oh my gosh, so very true! The other day, at an event I wasn’t at, someone mouthed off at my expense – and my first response when hearing about it was to correct the perception. And then I took a breath, and realized that it was their perception, and to them it was valid – but to everyone else it wasn’t valid and I couldn’t take my time or energy to play along and I wasn’t going to give into their reflection of me. It was a reflection of them more than me and I was able to let it go much sooner than ever before.
    And it felt good! I could acknowledge that it was their perception, and I could mourn for them because they were still so caught up in the past, and then I could smile, as it really reinforced that I didn’t have to worry. That I have learned to let go of old assumptions and live my life – not the life anyone else thinks I am, or should be living! So, good on you! You get to live your life, and you don’t have to play by those rules anymore!! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Kate, I love this story! It was exactly what I experienced. I finally realized, though, that I did not have to waste time “correcting” other people’s perceptions of me. I am not going to say I am completely successful at it, but to even have the awareness is great!

  6. So true!! I can really relate to the “merrily” trying to prove them wrong. I get caught up in trying to reason with people who are unable to see things outside their twisted perceptions. As I realize I’m doing this and objectively understand why, that mental cycle slows down.

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