If I asked you to take measure of your Horizon-
how far would you hold out your hands?

How expansive is the Horizon of your life? How much can you take in within your Vision?
I ask this because sometimes I find myself with limited vision. My horizon reduced to a pinpoint of light in darkness.

Awakening, though, asks us to refute this blockage of our peripheral vision. We are to take off the blinders to see a Horizon of infinite depth- a Horizon that touches the Heavens.


7 thoughts on “Horizon

  1. Very peaceful art Kimberly. I find it difficult to see much more than the light somewhere out in the horizon at the moment, and try my best to live in the moment and take all day by day.

  2. I like that moment when you first wake up. Everything is completely calm, you have no stress, the best feeling ever. But then a few seconds pass and everything comes flooding back. Wish I could bottle that 10 seconds.

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