The Glass Ceiling

Oh my silly, silly narcissist-
look at you.

Well, that is the one thing always
required by you, isn’t it?

You love us to look and look and look
and but by God, never see.

Well, my silly, silly narcissist,
I am a lookin’ and I am a seein’

And, oh, my, my silly, silly narcissist
What exactly has happened to you?

You used to be so adept, or so you thought,
and now I see you all hunched and distorted

How apt I think- your symbolic appearance
now resonates with your machinations

Shufflin’, shufflin’ along you maneuver,
with such awkwardness,

Oh, I know you would so love to hide and you
would love it even more if I would simply turn a blind eye

Not I, my silly, silly narcissist, not I-
I simply have to ask

“What is that burden upon your back that
has caused such distortion?”

And then, I know, my silly, silly narcissist,
a word- you need not utter

You, in all your vain, ridiculous glory,
have bumped up against the glass ceiling

of your own remarkably stunted evolution.

We are all on the path of evolution. The caveat is that WE must be committed to our OWN evolution. WE must push through the barriers of our limitations, continually punching through the “glass ceiling” of how we prevent ourselves from our own growth.

This, however, does not seem to apply to narcissists. Never overlook that the narcissist is unwilling to push through the glass ceiling of evolution. They stop and expect you to lift that burden from them. You are to pick up their glass ceiling of evolution, because they can not be bothered to do so.

I write this today for those of you interacting with narcissist. You may hope for growth and change, all the while, ignoring their stooped over posture, pressed upon by the glass ceiling of stunted evolution.

It is not your job, nor can you possibly do it, to remove their own self-chosen barriers.


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