Gates of Awakening



Gates of awakening
taking vertebral form-
one by one we pass-
never understanding the next door-
until we are long past.

This is a funny little drawing.
I saw it, at first, as a series of vertebrae and ribs, and I pictured walking under these to get to the red “sun” at the front- the seat of enligthenment.

As we go through our stages of awakening, we are in a very symbolic sense building a new spine, or way of being. We pass through our stages, sometimes with ease, sometimes with a bit more unease than ease, and we begin to function and “be” at a different level than before.

We may think we can anticipate the next gate or door (I have been guilty of this πŸ™‚ ) but the motto of awakening is this-
Awakening is the process of getting the blind to see.

Thus, the gates we pass through are often a surprise to us, as they should be. We can not see what we are blinded to, and it is upon the gate’s threshold that we make the choice- to see or remain hidden to the view we need the most- the one that is our own.

For some reason, I think so many are currently passing through some significant gates at this time. Don’t hesitate upon the threshold:)


12 thoughts on “Gates of Awakening

  1. I certainly am passing through just such a gate and it is demanding I see beyond the emotion and confusion to a better day and a stronger spine! Love this, Kim, esp. the artwork where the background looks like I am looking heavenward. ❀

  2. Another evocative drawing and post, Kim. It looks both like a vehicle/vessel and the spine as you said … a good combo! And we are definitely in big transformation and threshold times, for sure. xo Jamie

  3. I liked this little drawing, and let myself look at it for a while. What I first saw is an iconic building in Hollywood — the Capitol Records building, which looks like a stack of old fashioned LP records with a needle on top. Then I read your post, and I see that it’s what you wrote that was why I noticed. I too feel that I’m passing through new gates, and I appreciate what you said: “the gates we pass through are often a surprise to us, as they should be”

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