The Perils



The perils of introspection-
too long navel-gazing
tied up in knots.

I liked this little image. It reminded me of plow pose in yoga.

For some reason it lead to me thinking about the introspective life, and if you are like me, how this introspection can take on momentum of its own at times.

I will think and think, re-think, and think again on certain topics.

My husband has been the recipient, at times, of these “insights”, as I begin a conversation with ~ 18 paragraphs of introductory material. Material, that I might add, that is so NOT needed as often these topics are things we have discussed before.

But, in my introspective mode, I will find the need to re-hash it all once again.

There is a sense in my life, right now, of beginning to understand how needed “moving on” and “letting go” can be.

To be tied up in knots, only seeing one’s navel can be an interesting perspective- for a time, but life moves on and such a gaze does not lend itself to capturing the views.


6 thoughts on “The Perils

  1. Hi Kim…first I apologize as I know I have missed many posts. But this one resonates with me because I recognize myself. And I may be completely wrong here, but I know that feeling of rehashing things…of feeling like “they just don’t get what I’m saying,” and the need to make them understand. I locked my ex-husband in a bathroom and made him listen to me. He still didn’t get “it.” And I thought he was so cruel when he said, “You get what you get from people.” We are no longer together and I have softened about that statement, and even believe it. I have let go of the need to make someone understand and it is truly liberating. I send you beautiful thoughts and if my interpretation is completely off base pay me no mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a beautiful day โ™ก

  2. Plow pose chokes me. It takes my entire chest and shoves it in my throat and I can’t breath. Which tells me this is a great metaphor, because I too, can get caught up in introspection and it really does take over my life and choke me. I can’t do anything else when that is happening, it’s really is like a choke hold. And letting go isn’t easy. I’ve discovered that I have to let go over and over again sometimes. I’ll find my mind playing with a thought that I’ve let go, and I have to stop and release it. And there are some thoughts that slide away with no problems, and there are some thoughts that years later I find myself having to stop and let go of yet again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yes, I suppose one can overdo introspection. There comes that time when one must release and move on, having gleaned all that one can learn from the situation. But sometimes new information comes along and we find ourselves back comparing notes again. Alas, I guess that is life!

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