The Profound Act of Negating the Negations

Wrapped in Illusion

Wrapped in Illusion

People are inspired to write for many reasons. I realized last evening, one of the most profound reasons may be to “negate the negations”.

I am paraphrasing a quote by Joan Miro, but the resonance stands.

Too many have grown up or are currently living in situations in which their sense of personhood, their hopes, their dreams, their attempts at love and living are constantly negated.

They are belittled, misunderstood, bullied, ignored, and manipulated.

And, yet, the Spirit somehow remains strong and steadfast. It takes root and refuses to stop its own growth in the face of such negativity.

It finds a way to express and expand, and frequently, in this forum, it chooses the act of writing to “negate the negations”.

In the act of writing and creating, the Spirit finds a profound, actual, physical form of counteracting what others have attempted to lay upon it.

The stories are told, the truths are realized, the negations are negated by the profound act of creation.

Never doubt the power of your writing to find your truth. Some require this balance point in life more than others. πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “The Profound Act of Negating the Negations

  1. Beautiful, Kimberly. I really love the beautiful image, and also the message about how important it is to find that ‘negation of the negations’. πŸ™‚ True enough. xoxo Jamie

  2. I like this Kim! We have to negate the negations and heal. Once the truth is told, we are able to fully express ourselves and be authentic in the world πŸ™‚

  3. I started using that word ‘negate’ a few years ago when I realised what people were doing when they insulted, chided, ridiculed or simply made a stupid comment. The need to negate our own validity or feelings or truth. So true. And I love you have used a bird image for this: it reminds me of the Maya Angelou quote “A bird sings because it has a song”. Let’s just all keep singing πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Kim,
    I needed to hear this today. You know, we both suffer from something similar. I have been reading your narcissism posts… and I wanted to distance myself so much from the pain in it; but then I remembered that we are all here to heal, and my god: We have all of us, most likely, been touched by this. We have been abused. It’s makes me angry, Kim. Then I remember, that we are all also ‘being healed.’ I am super grateful for this opportunity. Abuse can be so hidden, and it’s so strange when some family members start “calling it out.” It’s so scary and lonely before it’s out in the open. You are doing a real service here, with your art, and with all your posts. Never forget that.
    Love, Ka

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