No Longer Confused



Oh my silly, silly narcissist.
You are so used to living in a world with no meaning- except for the one you bestow upon us.
I am here to tell you- my silly, silly narcissist-
that I received your message loud and clear.

In this case, you chose no words, but plenty of meaning.
You could have called, but didn’t- and I got your deliberate intent-
I was not even worth the words.

But oh, now, my silly, silly narcissist- your words carry such meaning-
at least for you, for now you need me-
so, so much more than I need you.

Whatever is a narcissist to do?

You try to reverse course and put all the
blame upon me – “How dare I not forgive you?!? You NEVER meant to hurt me.”

But, you did silly, narcissist, you did- and that was the full intent of your message which
I duly received- you meant to hurt and wound and now you want to declare it never had meaning.

You even bring up how “nice” you have been- “I even got you a Christmas present”, you declare.

Why, yes, yes, you did, my silly, silly narcissist. I believe it arrived some time in March.
As always your motto seems to be- when you care enough to send the very least.

What conundrum you have instigated. A direct and intended act to wound- and wound it did- and now you tell me to forgive and forget, it really didn’t matter “that much”.

What is it to be my silly, silly narcissist?

I, unlike you, am not confused.

Message received.

Just as you can’t take words back, you can’t take your silence back. That decision, my silly, silly narcissist is all on you.

Narcissists love to have all the power. What they can NOT stand is when you place the responsibility for all that power right back where it belongs -upon them and their decisions.


20 thoughts on “No Longer Confused

  1. Oh, the silly, silly narcissists…..they sure don’t like accountability. They get what they asked for, then change their minds…it didn’t give them the power and control they thought it would…Great post, Kim!

    • You summarized this so well. That was exactly why she was so frustrated. She got what she asked for, but it didn’t manifest in the power and control she thought it would.

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    This is my first time commenting but I’ve been getting your posts for quite awhile now. The evening I read this one, was late and bedtime. I’m not typically a person that scared easily but in the last few years things have taken a drastuc change for the worst. I was married to my narcissist for 18 long years. The final several were all downhill for me of course. J lost a great job. Clinical depressio and severe anxiety have been my life. We divorced almost two years ago and had separated nesrjy 3 years. It was and still is a nightmare from hell. I’ve stopped all contact with EVRRYONE we knew as a couple and also my own family abandoned me. I’m 54.
    Your depiction of this could have come right out of my mouth. It was almost eery. The same exact typo of things that he stil does to try to manipulate me, are the prettiest of things but yet he knows that and knows that I know he’s been here. I don’t and won’t allow mysejf to speak about any of it to anyone. I’m off of FB. I wish to be unknown and away frol his constant radar. It’s been the absolute worst years of my life by far. And yet, nobody get it. Nobody but those of us who’ve learned all about narcissists and sociopaths to try to keep ourselves a step ahead of the truly crazy ones. It’ll never chsvjr unless I pick up and move thousands of miles away. And I may as well since he’s now in everyone’s good graces except mine. Exsctly how they want it to be. He’ll never get that satisfaction from my face no matter how hard he tries. Thank you all. Without those of us who know these people it would be so muvh more antagonizing.

    • Hi, I am so sorry. i meant to respond to this yesterday and was interrupted. I do understand how challenging it is to have such a person in your life.

      It’s mentally and emotionally draining!! I guess the best approach is always to focus on “self” first, and always, always protect yourself 🙂 I wish you all the best.

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