The Bird of Love



Fall through the Sky
With wings of Love

The three objects holding the “net” in this image came from a book I am reading. The book talked about 3 inner drives- fear, anger, shame- which in turn produce 3 behaviors- compulsions, addictions, disorders, leading to numbness, pain, and confusion.

Looking at feelings/behaviors in this manner resonated with me. Our fear, shame, and anger can lead to our compulsions which numb us out and leave us feeling confused.

With this awareness, I pictured piercing through the “net” that linked these behaviors and feelings.

I drew a Large bird in free fall, much bigger than the net linking these thoughts, ready to pierce these linkages in its quest for freedom.

I liked the idea that for these linkages to be broken, the energy could not come from the ground, but rather needed to come from above- The Bird of Love.


6 thoughts on “The Bird of Love

  1. Oh, I like how the net has to be broken from above! That’s a great image! I was talking to a friend at lunch the other day, who is aware of my current stalking problem, and as we were going through the emotions I hit on anger and he goes “anger is good, you have a right to that” but that I still needed to work through everything, and I like the idea of the feelings coming from above to pierce the net!

    • I liked this image, too. It really helped me think about fear, anger, shame being tied to some of our behaviors and compulsions. It has helped me break through some things 🙂

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