Turning from Egoic Envy

Egoic Envy

Egoic Envy

In the course of awakening, the outer life
may appear unchanged-
but the Soul knows, as it turns from egoic envy
towards Light, every view changes.

I never know where my art will lead. In this image, a naked man sits, with a large phallic symbol to the left. He has turned this head, though to the other direction, seeking the Sun.

In some ways, the symbolism here is to have the phallus represent the ego. (Not implying, though, that men only are driven by the ego- although I do feel in our culture the phallus may be a very apt representation of ego.).

As I looked at this image, I was reminded of Susan Bordo’s book, The Male Body. I remember reading her section on the penis and how so many of the terms related to erection and sexual performance are unrelenting (my word). Phrases such as “rock hard”, etc- speaking to the utter sense of invincibility projected upon this very human organ.

We see this projection carried further into different venues. Men are often portrayed by Hollywood in one of two ways- as predators or heroes, who can not be destroyed.

I wonder how many of us, male or female, have falling for the egoic trap of always being “rock hard” and impervious to any wounding. Always thinking- bigger, better, harder is always necessarily better.

The image, though, shows the turning away from this projected, altered state of unreality into something more real and healthy.


7 thoughts on “Turning from Egoic Envy

  1. To take this further, I was thinking that as we age, the ego becomes less important for many of us, right at the time when hormones and sexual desire diminish with male/female menopause. Yet we do not diminish at the soul level, if anything sexual energy is transmuted into surrender to our spiritual selves.

    • this was such a great analysis, Eliza. When I was doing my master’s degree in art, and working with some sexual themes, my advisor mentioned how he actually enjoyed the lessening of his sexual drive as he aged. It allowed him, in his mind, a different use of this energy. I love your comment about this energy being transmuted. This is so true.

      • Being several years on this side of menopause, I’ve realized just how much hormones control our thoughts and actions. It is a relief of sorts to not be so controlled. Of course, it is not without its challenges – hot flashes being one of them! 😉

  2. LOL, I just finished sending off a text to a friend confessing that I was having an issue, and that he’d have to step in if I took it too far (Ok, I have a case of stalker flu. It’s a thing. I swear I didn’t just make it up, but I have been stalking and well, I’m just waiting for it to pass, like the flu), but it’s funny that I no sooner sent the text about possibly needing help to get back to reality and then BOOM! there is a penis in my face reiterating the point! Priceless timing!

    • oh my goodness, only you would come up with “stalker flu”- seriously! That is now going to stay with me!!
      Glad my penis picture helped bring you back to reality- look at the light 🙂 not the penis 🙂

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