Creating Space

Space Opens

Space Opens

Sometimes, when we heal, when we let go of the darkness and the drama created within ourselves and amongst others, we find space opening within our lives.

If we are not careful, being unfamiliar with this additional space, we may allow fear, anxiety, and uncertainty to creep in a fill this space.

Removing negativity and harm from your life is a sacred act and the space created should be treated in a sacred manner.

Don’t let the habits of negativity, drama, and fear grow into these newly opened areas.

I just write this because I notice I have this habit. My anxiety, etc. actually increases as I rid myself of harmful people/situations.


6 thoughts on “Creating Space

  1. I’ m so glad we have come across in this blogosphere! 😊I like both your writing and painting so far and I still have more to see tomorrow….
    Yes, letting go is a sacred and blessing deed… We let go of what is of no need to us any more, so it’s wise to fill in the new space with whatever positive for us! Letting go has troubled my life, it’ s been easier and necessary for me now, so I urged people to do that, too, in a post of mine…
    love 💗and light🌞 to you!

  2. I agree ~ must go to a ‘garden nursery’ and fill belly with seeds of every kind imaginable and see what grows instead ❤ Whether this is loads of fantastically funny movies, beautiful music, meeting new people at workshops and events, meeting friends of friends and widening the beautiful network. Or … sit peacefully in the sun and know these people will be drawn to you, the moment they see your space is clear.

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