Who is Your Lacuna?



This is one of those posting prompted by a word that I recently came across in my reading. The word is “lacuna”. I am familiar with the term, as I use it in bone anatomy to describe the space that a bone cell (osteocyte) inhabits when the mineralized matrix forms around it.

In a way, the lacuna is the “home” space that the cell inhabits.

Naively, and with a bit of myopic vision, I thought this term was limited to science. But, I came across the word while reading a book on art.

It lead me to think about how this word applies to our lives- who or what is your lacuna or safe space in life?

The art image above really does not represent a proper lacuna (see image below- the center black area is a bone cell, white area is the lacuna)-

Osteocyte_2 (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Osteocyte_2.jpg)

But the image speaks to me of protection and shelter in some form. And it made me think about who are the lacunae in my life- those protective people from which I seek shelter?


8 thoughts on “Who is Your Lacuna?

  1. Thank you for following my blog. I do indeed know this term, having taught histology for many years. Osteology was one of my favorite topics. My lacuna is my home, where my husband and I live- he is part of it, along with my children, when they are home!

  2. Just adore this ~ I believe we have this energy matrix around every cell / every part of us too and every part of everything. I think it is sometimes called the ‘web that has no weaver’. I think this is why the ancients knew our / all energy which surrounds everything is so incredibly sacred.

  3. I recently read something similar to this about how there is more space than matter, so that even cells that we think of as joined together, actually have space around them. My immediate thought was, “That’s where God puts the Love!” 🙂

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