Choose wisely the fulcrums in your life, as they will determine your ability to find balance.

In the past several days, I have noticed the word fulcrum at least 3 times. Of course, this would initiate an art image and blog posting. 🙂
I really have been thinking about the fulcrums or pivot points in my own life. I realize if I choose a poor fulcrum, I will not be able to find balance. Likewise, if I choose fulcrums of wisdom- prayer, meditation, Higher SElf- than a sense of balance emerges with little effort.


6 thoughts on “Fulcrum

  1. Love this, Kim! It makes sense to choose strong fulcrums as foundations and your choices of meditation, prayer, etc. is so wise. I’d add intuition and solitude, too, to my list. I find my balance based on these things.
    Artwork looks cool. Kind of 60s-modern looking. I see a pome with overlarge seeds. How to interpret that? 🙂

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