Close your Eyes –
Dive –
and be held
by the Sky

Quick, little post today as I felt some need for faith 🙂


11 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Another beautiful painting that does not even need words. I know some days are difficult to have ‘Faith’….as what do we need ‘Faith’ in? Ourselves? Our partners? Our career? Our God? Or do we just need a gentle reminder that we always have Faith in our-self, sometimes it just gets buried under the clutter of daily life! ❤

  2. Love this painting! The words hit home to me today…I will allow the sky to hold me.
    I also am glad to have read Tela’s comment. I think I need to de-clutter.
    Have a beautiful faith-filled day!

  3. Faith.. The word itself is full of security and confidence.. And when you say, “Close your eyes, dive, be held in the sky”.. It beautifully captures the essence of this word !!

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