Private Moon

Private Moon

My friend, I do not seek to eclipse you
I want to walk beside you and share you
in the light of our own transcendent Sun


9 thoughts on “Transcend

  1. This one is not easy, so much of our lives are spent being “better” than the next person, doing “more” than the next person, it’s very hard for many in our lives to just walk together with us and share the light – they just don’t understand it. As kids play you hear one building a tower and the other talking about the tower they built that was even taller! As grown ups you hear one talk about their weekend and another acknowledge all they did and then state that they did that and then all of this more!
    I didn’t understand it until last year as I started working on not comparing myself to others. I remember, whey they were littles, telling Mr. T and his cousins that we shouldn’t try and outdo each other, but encourage and lift each other up and I wondered why I never took that lesson and applied it to my own life!!
    So, yes, I want to walk and share in the light with my friend(s), but there are several that won’t be able to make that journey with me – as they expect me to attempt the eclipse them, they expect anyone walking with them to attempt to eclipse them, and that says more about them than it does us. And is a good measuring stick of who we should have in our lives!

    • Whoa…. very, very profound take on this Kate. There is that sense as we grow of wanting to reassure others that we will not leave them behind (eclipse) them. You are right, it says more about that person than the one growing.
      Wouldn’t it be nice, like I write, if we could just stand next to each other in the light of the transcendent Sun?
      I am going to think on your words. I think you are helping me realize how concerned I am about eclipsing others.

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