Remembering Who You were Meant to Be

The Tree

The Tree

Every tree begins as a seed.
No matter how tall it grows,
the seed always goes-

And this is how the tree remembers
what it is meant to be.

We can undergo a lot of growth, just like the tree.
But there will always be a part of us that remembers, long ago, when we first began to believe.
It is this part that contains the memory of what we are to be.


12 thoughts on “Remembering Who You were Meant to Be

  1. Hi.. This is such a beautiful post. Short , simple and full of essence. The relation of seed and tree reminding us the relation of our past and present. From where we started and where we have reached. We may rise high and we may get good fruits, but the fact is that all credit lies in our roots. Lovely post and lovely pic.

  2. Your posts touch me and make me feel more {of} myself. More. Thoughts. Words, Feelings. What seems like the end is really a new beginning, and then again, the beginning is just a continuation of…

    • Wow! Your words really, really touch me…I think of your art often. I know you have only done a few postings on it- but there is something in the work that is so organic and present. I have so enjoyed your sense of discovery.

      • Oh, Thank YOU! Art is my newest passion. Unlike baking it stays around for more than 24 hours! You are such an inspiration and I am blessed to be able to get to know you…

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