The Sense of Loss

Divine Mother

Divine Mother

Do not consider your loss within the narrow limitation of definitions.
Your needs are addressed in infinite ways by an imaginative Universe.

This posting is to honor how much I have received from some fellow bloggers. I will not list the bloggers or how they helped me specifically with their words- not because I do not long to honor them- but to do so would bring up an issue that may hurt another person if they were to ever come across this posting.

So I honor that fact that
when we are whole,
when we act with integrity,
when we are aware, and
when we are awake,
we have the capacity to heal one another
in infinite ways.


11 thoughts on “The Sense of Loss

  1. My heart smiled to read my needs are addressed in Infinite ways. I can never hear that too many times. I also like that the Divine Mother and I are the same color blue (Malchut) like we are made out of the same star-stuff. What a nice picker-upper.

  2. It’s so true that we can heal each other – how many times have I read something that really touched me and I could feel a part of my soul healing? Those things are put in our lives for a reason, and being awake and aware really does help! But I love the caption just as much, it’s so easy for us to slap a label on it, but if we pause, the Universe will address the needs tenfold!

  3. You inspire me Kim! 🙂 ❤ With your amazing art and words ❤ and I just adore this art piece so so much! 🙂 I love the little baby ❤ and I love what you said about being whole and healing others just by being who we are. I have always felt like that, that we don't even have to try, we just have to be. ❤

  4. Nice!! The way you decided not to mention names.. Your concern and vision. This post is a great reflection of your amazing personality. Hope we could meet sometime.

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