The Spiritually Blind

Spirit Look

Spirit Look

Remove the eyes –
and still, the Spirit flies-
navigating from its
Internal vision.

Perhaps we should all become “spiritually blind”- leaving behind the messages from our eyes- and instead following our internal visions.


13 thoughts on “The Spiritually Blind

      • You have always been a pillar post for me with your paintings and post~ and even via email when I thought I COULDN’T MAKE IT! We are loving, compassionate women Kim….and we take so much on trying to keep the peace at the same time trying to stop abuse, and hold down full time jobs~ Hugs & Love to you my sister friend! ❤

    • PS, I skimmed a post by some random blogger the other day and he was saying how comments like “great post” don’t really add anything, and don’t touch on whether or not the reader actually read the post. And that has made me realize how much I use that phrase! I may have to come up with something else!

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