The Tree of my Imaginings

Kundalini Tree

Kundalini Tree

How a tree appears to me-
Full of the Kundalini-
Strong and contained

I love trees and one message they always seem to convey is how to be strong in one’s self while being fully contained.
We don’t always need to run around with an output of energy in order to see ourselves as strong and valuable.
The tree stands with unending strength and no one ever doubts its power.


11 thoughts on “The Tree of my Imaginings

  1. We all need stay grounded and balanced at the moment… A lot of energy is causing much unstability in the world so it’s important to take care of ourselves and smile no matter what… Xxx Barbara

  2. I Love to think of myself as a tree. Roots firmly and deeply in Mother, my trunk strong and unmoving, my branches fluid and reaching for the Source of Love. Beautiful post, Kimberly. Thank you. Love, Amy ❤

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